International Trading  
RILgroup flagship division –   International trading has been since its startup in 1977. It has been company’s main activity and its core strength lies in strong relation with international suppliers and buyers. CHINA, INDIA and AFRICA has been our focal point of international trading. We have expanded gradually and now we have 3 offices in CHINA – Yiwu, Nimbgo and Guangdong, AFRICA-Madagascar and Tanzania serving our customers from Globally.
Buying Agents -   Being in the International Trade and acting as Buying Agents we take care of the procurement, inspection of goods besides export formalities including efficient shipping management.
Procurement Network -   Our procurement and Marketing Network extends from USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Hongkong, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa and Bangladesh. Also our Hongkong & China office helps in locating and procuring the right product for you.
Shipment and Documentation -   Our Shipping department is having years of experience of handling the goods transport and shipment ranging from small shipment to bulk shipment. We are familiar with documentation requirement of most of the countries including Middle East, INDIA, China, Indonesia and USA as well. We can very effectively take care of your Certificate of origin, Insurance and export documentation requirements.
We have the reputation in the market of never returning a customer/vendor unsatisfied from our place as the worldwide contacts and network which has been made & maintained helps to cater the exact requirements.  
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